10 words about Summer

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I bring you today a super easy post. Just some words youre going to hear a lot during summer months. 🙂

1. verano (veh-rah-noh) Summer

2. sol (sohl) Sun

3. calor (kah-lohr) Heat

*To say youre hot, it is: Tengo calor Im hot

*To say its hot (like the day is hot): Hace calor Its hot

4. playa (plah-yah) Beach

5. vacaciones (Vah-kah-see-oh-nehs) Vacations

*Summer vacation vacaciones de verano

6. familia (fah-me-lee-ah) Family

7. fiesta (fee-ehs-tah) Party

8. dĂ­as largos (dee-ahs lar-gohs) Long days

9. Piscina (pee-see-nah) Pool

* To say pool party, you simple say it in English! At least here in Puerto Rico, a pool party, its called the same. If you want to say it in Spanish, though, it is: Fiesta de pisicina

10. Bloqueador solar (bloh-keh-ah-dohr soh-lahr) Sunblock

This is it for now 🙂

I hope you can find this vocabulary useful, and fun too. Remember to use your Spanish whenever you can! Only using the language is that we learn it well.

See you next time!