Adjectives in Spanish

I haven’t been online for a good while. The internet has been terribly slow.

Anyway, here I bring you a short lesson about how adjectives work in Spanish.

In Spanish language adjectives come after the noun they are modifying.

For example:

El libro rojo The red book

La ruta corta The short route

El oso grande The big/large bear


Sometimes you can place the adjective in front of the noun and it will still be acceptable. Though some adjectives when placed in front of the noun, however, will have a different nuance, such as the word pobre which means poor, but also unfortunate or pathetique in nuance. For example El pobre hombre The poor/unfortunate man; El hombre pobre The poor(not rich) man.


Here are some adjectives for you to practice! ?

1) rápido fast

2) lento slow

3) agresivo aggressive

4) triste sad

5) alegre happy

6) trabajador (feminine trabajadora) hard-working

7) delgado thin

8) grueso thick, fat

9) azul blue

10) rojo red

11) verde green

12) anaranjado orange (color)


And some nouns too:

1) El libro The book

2) El carro The car

3) El lápiz The pencil

4) El gato The cat

5) La mujer The woman

6) El hombre The man

7) La libreta The notebook

8) El perro The dog

9) El lagarto The lizard

10) La niña The girl

11) El niño The boy

12) La bicicleta The bicycle

This is it for now! I hope this short lesson is helpful and simple.

Until next time ?

Remember that there is a pronunciation guide here.