How to ask for help in Spanish

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Today I want to show you how to ask for help in Spanish. This is one of the most important things you should learn when learning a new language.

As usual, I will write a pronunciation guide in parenthesis, but you can always check the tables I created to help you with Spanish Pronunciation.


Lets begin. Ill start by giving you the translations to both the noun and verb for help’:

Ayuda (ah-joo-dah) Help (noun)

Ayudar (ah-joo-dahr) To help (verb)


Now Ill show you five phrases to ask for help:

1) Permiso, ¿me puede ayudar? Excuse me, can you help me?

*Use this when you need to ask something in a place, like directions, for example. You can add por favor (please) too:

Permiso, ¿me puede ayudar? Por favor

Permiso, ¿por favor me puede ayudar?

Por favor, ¿me puede ayudar?

Casual variations:

¿Me puedes ayudar? Can you help me?

¿Puedes ayudarme? Can you help me?

¿Mira, me puedes ayudar? Hey, can you help me?

* You can of course add por favor to all of these.


2) Necesito ayuda I need help

*Again, you can also add por favor, especially if youre approaching a person on the street in a place.


3) Ayúdeme por favor Please help me


4) ¿Alguien me puede ayudar? Can someone help me?


5) Ayuda Help

*If you find yourself sick or in a dire situation in public, sometimes all you can say is just help.

*Variations of this: (all of these translate to help me)



Ayúdeme (*This is a formal version)

*You will often see these written with exclamation marks ¡Ayúdenme!


There are also the expressions:

¿Me puedes dar una mano? Can you give me a hand?

*A more formal version can be: ¿Me puede dar una mano? Or ¿Me da una mano?

*More casual versions:

¿Me das una mano?

¿Puedes darme una mano?


Dame una mano Give me a hand

*A more formal version: Deme una mano, or, Deme una mano, por favor (also Por favor, deme una mano)


Préstame tu ayuda Lend me your help

*Also: Préstame ayuda

This one is more casual, and honestly, I rarely hear it.


This is it for now! Al always, I hope you find this lesson useful, and easy to understand. If you have any doubts, contact me on my Twitter Page, or Facebook Page.

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