Back to School! Vocabulary list

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well!

Its back to college right now, and so I thought itd be fun to make a vocabulary list about words related to back to school and back to college. In this current time I am also back to college (I have to say Im like the oldest person in all my classrooms lol But Im not old! Im 26. Im still a baby :P) Anyway, here it goes!

1) Materiales (mah-teh-ree-ah-les) Materials

2) Lápiz (lah-piece) Pencil

3) Bolígrafo (Boh-lee-grah-foh) Pen

4) Cartuchera (Car-too-cheh-rah) Pencil pouch

5) Bulto (Bool-toh) Bag, backpack

6) Goma de borrar (goh-mah deh boh-rrar) Eraser (*Kids and most people will just call it Borra [boh-rrah])

7) Alarma (ah-lar-mah) Alarm (*Alrm clock is: reloj de alarma)

8) Timbre (team-breh)  Bell, school bell

9) Marcador (mar-cah-dohr) Marker

10) Clase (klah-seh) Class

11) Salón de clase (sah-lon deh klah-seh) Classroom

12) Madrugar (mah-droo-gar) To wake up very early

13) Educación (eh-doo-cah-seeon) Education

14) Asignación (ah-seeg-nah-seeon) Homework

15) Proyecto (proh-jek-toh) Project

16) Pizarra (pee-sah-rrah) Chalkboard, whiteboard

17) Tiza (tee-sah) Chalk

18) Borrador (boh-rrah-dohr) Eraser

19) Proyector (proh-jek-tohr) Projector

20) Computadora (com-poo-tah-doh-rah) Computer

Bonus words!

21) Dinero (dee-neh-roh) Money

22) Libro (lee-broh) Book


And so much of those up there we need for college and school, am I right? Oh boy.

This is it for now! I hope you enjoyed this little Spanish lesson! I hope to see you soon! If you have any requests, please message me at yourdailypinchofspanish@gmail. com (without the spaces), or ask me at my Tumblr blog here!

See you soon. Until next time!