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4 Jun
23 May

Read and Translate

Today I have another read and translate post. I will share with you a casual conversation a story about me and give you some vocabulary and explain some expressions. Lets begin: Pues, todos los días digo que me voy a ir a dormir temprano, y entonces enciendo la computadora por la noche y me entretengo, Read more
19 May

How to say you’re in a hurry in Spanish

Hello, Welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish. Today I want to do something simple that you’ll surely find useful: How to tell others you’re in a hurry.   First, the key word: *Prisa (pree-sah) hurry, rush, haste   Now, here are some ways to say youre in a hurry: Tengo prisa Im in a hurry Read more
15 May

How to express happiness in Spanish

Hello everyone and welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish! ? I was requested to make lessons on how to express emotions, and I thought it would be best to make it as a series, since emotions are many and in one post would be very long and I like to keep things simple so Read more
7 May

How To Say You’re Hungry in Spanish

Hello! And welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish As the title shows, I’ll show you today how to express that you’re hungry. Plus, I’ll show you some exaggerations and slang. Lets begin! This will be a short and very simple lesson. First, the word for hungry: Hambre (ham-breh) Hunger, hungry   How to say youre Read more
16 Apr
27 Mar
17 Mar
16 Mar
10 Mar

How to introduce yourself in Spanish

Hello, and welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish! A blog dedicated to the study of the Spanish language, created by a native Spanish speaker and language lover. Here youll find short lessons that go straight to the point, focused on useful Spanish words and expressions, and inspirational posts to help you in your learning. As Read more