As expected learn this expression in Spanish

Hello everyone! Todays expression is as expected. This can have various translations in Spanish, depending on context (and Ill show them to you in a moment), but the general translation is:

Como era de esperarse (coh-moh eh-rah deh ehs-peh-rar-seh)

Esperarse comes from the verb esperar which means to wait, or to expect

Here are some examples with this expression:

  1. Como era de esperarse, llegó tarde otra vez As expected, he (or she, it is not specified) was late again.
  2. Como era de esperarse, la tormenta pasó al norte de la isla as expected, the storm passed north to the island.

Other ways to say as expected in Spanish are the following:

  1. Como esperaba, no encontré el lugar As expected (literally as I expected) I didnt find the place.
  2. Como se esperaba, la moda no duró As expected, the trend didnt last.
  3. Como esperábamos, la maestra se ausentó As expected (literally as we expected) the teacher (*feminine) was absent.

These are some ways to use this expression in Spanish. I hope it has been easy to understand, and I hope you enjoyed this short lesson. I hope to see you soon. ?