How to express happiness in Spanish

Hello everyone and welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish! ?

I was requested to make lessons on how to express emotions, and I thought it would be best to make it as a series, since emotions are many and in one post would be very long and I like to keep things simple so everything is easier to understand.

Today I start with how to express that you are happy.

Lets begin ?

First words for happiness:

Feliz (feh-lees) Happy

*The strength of pronunciation is in the last syllable.

Felicidad (Feh-lee-see-dad) Happiness

Alegría (ah-leh-gree-ah) Happiness, joy

Alegre (ah-leh-greh) Happy, cheerful, lively

Contento(a) (kohn-ten-toh(ah))- Happy, pleased


Now I will give you phrases to express your happiness:

1- First the super simple estoy feliz.

estoy means I am, so this phrase means Im happy. To say that others are happy, the verb estoy changes:

Estás feliz You are happy

Está feliz She/he is happy

Están felices (plural) They are happy

*You can add muy, tan, bien, and súper:

Estoy tan feliz Im so happy!

Estoy muy feliz Im very happy!

Estoy bien feliz Im very happy

Estoy súper feliz Im super happy

*You can add these words to contento(a), and alegre, too.

2- Me hace feliz It makes me happy

*Hacer translates to do.

You can also say- Me pone feliz it makes me happy, Like eso me pone feliz (that makes me happy).

*Poner translates to put, so literally this translates to It puts me happy, but the way it is used in everyday Spanish the expression translates to it makes me happy.

3- Me contenta It pleases me, or, it makes me happy

*I really dont hear this too often, unless the person had been previously sad or down, and somebody cheers them up.

*You can also say me pone contento (if you identify as male) or Me pone contenta (If you identify as female). This translates to it makes me happy (literally it puts me happy).

*Me contenta, even if it sounds and looks exactly as the the example above that a girl would use, is a different word when connected to me; its for everyone to use. Its a form of the verb contentar, meaning it makes me happy.

*You can also say estoy contento (if male; if female: contenta) to say Im happy.

4- Me alegra it makes me happy

*This one I usually hear it here as a reply to good news. Like me alegra escuchar eso Im happy to hear that.

*You can say estoy alegre for Im happy, as well.

*You can use tanto and mucho:

¡Me alegra tanto escuchar eso! It makes me so happy to hear that!

Me alegra mucho ver que todo está bien It makes me very happy to see that everything is okay.

This is for now. There will be many more lessons to come about expressing feelings and emotion. I hope you can understand well, and if you have any doubt, just contact me on my Twitter or Facebook, or my Tumblr too and Ill answer.

I hope you find this lesson useful ?

Thank you for reading! Until next time!