Read and Translate: Ants

19 May

Read and Translate: Ants

Good day everyone, I hope you are all doing well. ? Todays read and translate post is related to ants because last night I literally swallowed one. Or two. I left a glass of water in my bedroom in case I got thirsty, and it got full of ants! I dont even know where the Read more
19 May

How to say you hate something in Spanish

Hello! And welcome to your daily pinch of Spanish 🙂 Everyone knows that everything is not perfect all the time. Sometimes we really don’t like something, or even hate it! So, if you need to say it in Spanish, how do you go about it? I’ll give you several phrases. (Remember I have pronunciation tables here if Read more
5 Jul

You wont regret it; learn this expression in Spanish

Hi everyone! Welcome to the blog. ? Todays short Spanish lesson is the expression no te arrepentirás. Really simple, and you will hear it on TV all the time. In commercial ads, in shows, movies, etc. *You wont regret it No te arrepentirás (Noh teh ah-rreh-pen-tee-rahs) Arrepentirás comes from the verb arrepentir which translates to to regret.    *The same expression Read more
2 May
20 Apr

Read and Translate

Hola everyone and welcome to the site 🙂 Today I have another read and translate post. I will share with you a casual conversation a story about me and give you some vocabulary and explain some expressions. Lets begin: Pues, todos los días digo que me voy a ir a dormir temprano, y entonces enciendo Read more
21 Mar

How to say you’ve lost something in Spanish

Today’s Spanish lesson I believe will be very useful. You’ll learn how to tell others that you’ve lost something. That way people can help you look around! There are a few ways you can say you’ve lost something. Ill give you some examples with common things that could be lost in a crowd. Well, hopefully Read more
29 Feb

How to describe taste in Spanish

Hey everyone, Its Monday, so here is a new lesson post! In this short post I will show you some ways to describe taste. To describe taste, use the word sabe with a descriptive adjective. For example: Sabe rico It tastes good. Sabe malo it tastes bad You can also use the word está (to be) Está rico Read more
20 Sep

10 words about Summer

Hello everyone and welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish blog 🙂 I know the page hasnt been even nearly a daily page lately! Sorry about that >< I hope youve been reading the lessons nonetheless! I bring you today a super easy post. Just some words youre going to hear a lot during summer Read more
30 Aug

Adjectives in Spanish

I haven’t been online for a good while. The internet has been terribly slow. Anyway, here I bring you a short lesson about how adjectives work in Spanish. In Spanish language adjectives come after the noun they are modifying. For example: El libro rojo The red book La ruta corta The short route El oso Read more
10 Jun