Phrases to compliment someone in Spanish

Hello, and welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish! 🙂

Today I bring you a simple lesson about how to compliment another person.

I will give you eleven phrases to use.

Remember, if you have any doubt with Spanish pronunciation, you can check the tables I prepared for that. (Hopefully they dont have any typos.)

Lets begin with the lesson:

1. Te ves bien You look nice/You look good.

*If you want to make it more polite, say it like this: Se ve bien You look nice (Used for people you dont know personally, or who have a higher position (like your boss, unless she or he is familiar with you.)

*Se is the respectful version of Te, with it, the verb form ves, changes to ve,

*Ves comes from the verb ver, which means to see.

2. Te queda bien You look good (literally: it fits well on you.)

3. Te ves radiante You look radiant.

4. La/lo hace ver mejor (It) makes her/him look better

5. Te hace ver más joven It makes you look younger

6. Te queda mejor ese recorte That haircut looks better (than your last one)

7. Va bien con tu cabello It goes well with your hair

*If you want to say something like that color goes well with your hair, it is: Ese color va bien con tu cabello.

8. Va bien con tus ojos It goes well with your eyes.

9. Te ves fenomenal You look phenomenal

10. Te ves estupenda/estupendo You look stupendous/You look amazing

11. Te ves increíble You look amazing/You look incredible

This is it for today! Maybe I can come up with more phrases for this purpose, but for now, this is more than okay. 😉

Remember to read every sentence aloud so you can practice your pronunciation. If you have any doubts, dont doubt in contacting me! I have a Twitter for this Blog and a Facebook page. You can also contact me via Tumblr.

Have a nice day! And thank you for reading 🙂

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