How to say you dont remember something in Spanish

This time I want to show you how to say that you don’t remember something. That way, if you’re in a Spanish speaking country and you suddenly forget the way back to your hotel, for example, you can tell others so they can help you! I think this is a very useful phrase to learn, even when you’re just a starting to learn Spanish.

Ill start by giving you the vocabulary, and then some simple and useful phrases so you can see these words in use.

*Remember that wherever there’s an accent, that syllable is to be pronounced firmer than the rest. That’s where the strength of the word is.


  1. Olvidar (ol-vee-dahr) To forget
  2. Se me olvidó (seh meh ol-vee-doh) I forgot
  3. Lo olvidé (loh ol-vee-deh) I forgot
  4. Recordar (reh-cor-dahr) To remember
  5. No lo recuerdo (noh loh -reh-coo-ehr-doh) I dont remember


  1. Con permiso, ¿me puede ayudar? Olvidé el camino de regreso al hotel. Excuse me, can you help me? I forgot the way back to the hotel. (*As you can see, you can omit the pronoun in Spanish when it is obvious. Usually when talking about yourself the pronoun yo (I) is dropped.)
  2. Olvidé mi licencia I forgot my license (*in this context, forgot means left behind. Similar to the usage of the word in English)
  3. No recuerdo cómo se pronuncia esa palabra I dont remember how that word is pronounced.
  4. Se me olvidaron los papeles. Tenía que entregarlos hoy. (*This is a plural version, followed by article los if one or all items are masculine nouns; its followed by las when all items are feminine.) I forgot the papers. I had to hand them in today. (*or they were due today.)
  5. Olvidé decirle I forgot to tell him/her

This is it for now! I hope you find this short lesson useful. Thank you for reading, and have a great day ?

Until next time!