How to say Good luck! in Spanish, and some other expressions of luck and to cheer

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Ill show you today some expressions to cheer others (and yourself!), and some to express wishes of good luck and success.


First, some words that translate to cheer:

Animar (Ah-nee-mahr) Cheer; Liven up; encourage

Alentar (Ah-lehn-tahr) Encourage

Entusiasmar (Ehn-too-see-ahs-mahr) To fill with excitement, to excite

Alegrar (Ah-leh-grahr) cheer up, to make happy

Dar ánimo (dahr ah-nee-moh) to cheer up (literally, to give encouragement)

All of these words and the expression dar ánimo are equivalent to cheer (up).


Now, Ill give you some expressions you can use to wish good luck and to cheer on:

¡Buena suerte! (boo-eh-nah soo-ehr-teh) Good luck!

Use it in any occasion in which you want to wish another person good luck, just like in English.


¡Éxito! (ehc-see-toh) Success

Equivalent to Buena Suerte; people use it more than Buena Suerte when wishing good luck on a school or college test. Its saying I hope youre successful!


¡Adelante! (ah-deh-lahn-teh) forward, onward

In any occasion, just like the others. Its perfect when someone is going to try something that they might be scared of, or that might be difficult, you tell them Adelante to cheer them, and make them feel more at ease. Its like saying Go ahead!


¡Tú puedes! (Too poo-eh-dehs) You can!

Its like saying You can do it! Use it to cheer and give encouragement to people.


Que te vaya bien (keh teh vah-yah bee-ehn) I hope it goes well (literally: that it goes well)

To make the other person feel more at ease when theyre going to do or try something. A variation could be Que te salga bien and it translates to I hope it turns out good.


Espero que todo salga bien (ehs-peh-roh keh toh-doh sahl-gah bee-ehn) I hope everything turns out good

This one can also be a version of the above example. Espero translates to I hope.


¡Anímate! (ah-nee-mah-teh) Cheer up!

Used when a person is sad, down, or unmotivated.


¡Alégrate! (ah-leh-grah-teh) Get happy!

When a person is sad about something, even when something good has happened to them, you tell them to feel happy. Its equivalent to cheer up!. Use it when you want to cheer someone who is sad or down.


A couple other expressions you might hear:

In Puerto Rico, we have the expression ¡Dale duro! which translates to Hit it hard! to cheer. When someones going to try something, like try for a team or take a tough exam, for example, you go ¡Dale duro! Its equivalent to Do your best!

Theres also the expression ¡Que te vaya súper! to wish good luck, and it translates to I hope it goes great!.


This is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this lesson, and that you can find use in it.

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