How to say you hate something in Spanish

Hello! And welcome to your daily pinch of Spanish 🙂

Everyone knows that everything is not perfect all the time. Sometimes we really don’t like something, or even hate it! So, if you need to say it in Spanish, how do you go about it?

I’ll give you several phrases.

(Remember I have pronunciation tables here if you need them.)

First, words for dislike:

1- Odio (oh-dee-oh) Hate

2 Repudio (reh-poo-dee-oh) Repudiation, rejection

3- Asco (ahs-koh) Revulsion

4- Disgusto (dees-goos-toh) Disgust

5- Desagrado (deh-sah-grah-doh) Dislike, displeasure


Now to the phrases:

1. No me gusta I dont like it/I hate it

*Past tense: No me gustó

2. Lo odio I hate it (stronger than saying no me gusta)


Odio eso I hate that.

*Past tense: Lo odié

3. Me desagrada I dislike it/I dislike that (not too common)

4. Me asquea I find it revolting (not to common, and for me it is stronger than saying you hate something)

5. Lo repudio I repudiate it/I hate it (stronger even, and not common)

6. Me parece molesto I find it annoying

*Past tense: me pareciĂł molesto


You can add the words mucho (much, manu, a lot), and tanto (a lot):

No me gusta mucho: I dont like it very much

No me gusta tanto: AI dont like it very much

Lo odio mucho I hate it very much

Also bien (very) muy (very, much) and tan (a lot, so) for this one:

Me parece bien molesto I find it very annoying

Me parece tan molesto I find it so annoying

Me parece muy molesto I find it very annoying

This is it for now 🙂

I hope you guys find this lesson useful and simple.

Until next time!