How To Say You’re Hungry in Spanish

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As the title shows, I’ll show you today how to express that you’re hungry. Plus, I’ll show you some exaggerations and slang.

Lets begin! This will be a short and very simple lesson. First, the word for hungry:

Hambre (ham-breh) Hunger, hungry


How to say youre hungry:

Tengo hambre Im hungry

*The one you will hear the most, and use the most. Can be used in any setting, both casual and formal.

Estoy hambriento/Estoy hambrienta Im hungry

*This one is less common than the example above.

(*ending in o is the masculine, and in a the feminine)


Casual exaggerations:

*Me muero de hambre Im starving

*Estoy verde de hambre Im starving (literally: Im green with hunger)

*Estoy muerta de hambre/Estoy muerto de hambre Im starving


Other related expressions:

Tengo el estómago vacío My stomach is empty/Im on an empty stomach

Estoy en ayunas Im fasting

No he comido nada I havent eaten anything

No he comido nada todavía I havent eaten anything yet


To end, Puertorrican slang for hungry!

(Its super casual, so you shouldnt use it in public; just use it among friends and family)

Estoy esmayao/Estoy esmayá Im starving

(ehs-mah-jah-oh) (ehs-mah-jah)

(Ending in a is the feminine form, and ending in o is the masculine)

*I think this word came from the word desmayado which means unconscious (from fainting), but we use it to express that were very hungry. And you will usually hear older people using it (older people here use it more than tengo hambre to express they are hungry, so for them most of the time its not an exaggeration).

This is it for now

As usual I hope you find this useful. Any doubt, you can always contact me on my twitter page. 

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