How to say you’re in a hurry in Spanish

Hello, Welcome to Your Daily Pinch of Spanish. Today I want to do something simple that you’ll surely find useful: How to tell others you’re in a hurry.


First, the key word:

*Prisa (pree-sah) hurry, rush, haste


Now, here are some ways to say youre in a hurry:

Tengo prisa Im in a hurry

Ando con prisa Im in a hurry (Literally, I walk in a hurry.)

*Use this when you meet a person you know in a place, but you cant stay to talk for too long.

If you want to say it like an excuse:

Es que tengo prisa Its just that Im in a hurry

*You can also add the word mucha (much, many) to these expressions, to say that youre really in a hurry:

Tengo mucha prisa Im really in a hurry/Im in a real hurry

Es que tengo mucha prisa Its just that Im really in a hurry.


Now, how to tell others to hurry up:

Date prisa Hurry up

Avanza Hurry

No te tardes Dont take long

*To make it more polite, add Por favor Please

*You can add it before or after:

Por favor date prisa please hurry up

Avanza, por favor Please hurry

No te tardes, por favor Dont take long, please

*To make this last one more polite or respectful (if youre talking to a stranger or someone older than you, for example, you say) say it this way: No se tarde/No tarde.


This is it for now :)

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and that you found it useful and simple.

Until next time!