How to say you’ve lost something in Spanish

Today’s Spanish lesson I believe will be very useful. You’ll learn how to tell others that you’ve lost something. That way people can help you look around! There are a few ways you can say you’ve lost something. Ill give you some examples with common things that could be lost in a crowd. Well, hopefully not common in case of purses and wallets! But it does happen, and if it happens to you in a foreign country and everyone speaks Spanish but no one around speaks English, then you better learn how to say it.

Lets get right into it:

First, the verb:

perder  (pehr-dehr) to lose

First person past perdí (pehr-dee)

Ive lost He perdido (eh pehr-dee-doh) (*Also use this (and perdí) when youve lost something, like a game, a match, a bet, etc)

Example sentences:

Perdí mi billetera I lost my wallet

Perdí my cartera I lost my purse (or bag) (*note: Cartera can also translate to wallet)

Perdí mi pantalla I lost my earring

Perdí mis lentes de contacto I lost my contact lenses 

Perdí mi sortija I lost my ring

Perdí un botón I lost a button

Perdí mis gafas de sol I lost my sunglasses

Perdí las llaves del auto I lost the car keys

Other ways to say it:

*He perdido Ive lost

He perdido mi cartera Ive lost my purse

He perdido mi sortija de compromiso Ive lost my engagement ring 

*Se me perdió I lost

Plural: se me perdieron

Se me perdió un botón I lost a button

Se me perdieron las gafas I lost my glasses (literally: my glasses)

Se me perdieron las llaves I lost the keys


How do you ask others to help you look? Simple:

Me ayudas a buscar? Can you help me look?


Se me perdieron las llaves, me ayudas a buscar? I lost my glasses, can you help me look?

Se me perdió una sortija. Es muy importante para mí, me ayudas a buscar? I lost a ring. Its very important for me, can you help me look?


This is it for now! I hope that was easy to understand. Remember you can contact me via Twitter, or Facebook, and also in the comments.

Until next time! ?