Taking a Break, learn how to say this in Spanish

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Lately Ive had a lot to think about, and this really is taking a lot of my time, so I havent been updating much (sorry about that!). Anyway, that inspired me to make a lesson.

So here it is, a lesson on phrases related to taking a break.

Lets begin;

First, how to say youre taking a break:

1. Me estoy tomando un descanso Im taking a break

*This alslo (and more literally) translates to Im taking a rest

2. Estoy tomando un receso Im taking a break

*Receso translates to recess, as well. And you can see a resemblance there

3. Estoy tomándome un tiempo Im taking a break

*Literally, this translates to Im taking a time (off). You can add the word libre (free) after the word tiempo. Estoy tomándome un tiempo libre Im taking a time off/Im taking some free time.


How to say you need a break:

1. Necesito un descanso I need a break

*Literally, I need a rest.

2. Necesito un momento I need a moment

3. Necesito un tiempo I need some time

4. Dame un momento Give me a moment

5. Dame un segundo Give me a second

6. Permíteme un momento Give me a moment

*Literally, permíteme translates to allow me. This is more formal. To use it with people you dont know, use permítame.

*As you can see, necesito means I need.

* There is also the anglicism, which is what we use all the time here in Puerto Rico. We mostly use this, to be honest, and youll hear it in any setting:

1. Dame un break give me a break

2. Necesito un break I need a break


If you want to tell others to take a break:

Toma un descanso Take a rest/Take a break

TĂłmate un momento Take a moment

Tómate un break (*The most common one here in Puerto Rico 🙂 )


This is it for today 🙂

If you want to read more about Spanish pronunciation, check out these tables. (Hopefully they are typo free lol)

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