You wont regret it; learn this expression in Spanish

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Todays short Spanish lesson is the expression no te arrepentirás. Really simple, and you will hear it on TV all the time. In commercial ads, in shows, movies, etc.

*You wont regret it No te arrepentirás (Noh teh ah-rreh-pen-tee-rahs)

Arrepentirás comes from the verb arrepentir which translates to to regret. 


*The same expression can be used like in the following examples:

No te arrepentirás de haber ido a la fiesta You wont regret going to the party

No te arrepentirás si lo haces You wont regret it if you do it

No te arrepentirás cuando veas el resultado You wont regret it when you see the result

¿No te arrepentirás? Wont you regret it?

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