Word Wednesday Perseverar

Todays word is something I need to do now, and probably you too. I need to perseverar. Yes, I need to do that because Im trying to get representation for my novel for the very first time, which will get me closer to have it published. Can you guess what perseverar means? ?

Perseverar (per-seh-veh-rar) persevere

Thats right. It kind of resembles the English word, too, doesnt it? Here are some conjugations for it:

Yo persevero I persevere

Tú perseveras You persevere

Ella/Él persevera She/He perseveres

Ellos/Ellas perseveran They persevere

Ustedes perseveran You (plural) persevere

Nosotros perseveramos We persevere

(*If you have doubts about Spanish pronunciation, I have a page for that. Just follow the link above, or click here ? )

This is it for now. I know I havent posted lately, but I am always thinking of you and I do hope youve been practicing your Spanish. As always I hope I am able to help you learn.

Have a great day (or night!)

Until next time! ?