Word Wednesday Relajada

Good day! How are you feeling today? Ive been feeling relajada today. I feel quite at ease for the first time in days because I think Ive finally made una decisión about something I was feeling confused about.

Can you guess what Im talking about up there? Today Ill teach you TWO words, since I havent been too constant with this blog lately (sorry about that!). The two words are:

Relajada(o) (reh-lah-hah-dah (doh) ) Relaxed

(**Relajada is the feminine; relajado is the masculine)

Desición (Deh-see-seeon) Decision

(**Remember that the accent indicates that that syllable is to be pronounced harder than the rest; thats where the power lies)

Do not confuse Relajado with Rebajado.

Rebajado means Reduced, lowered (like for example precios rebajados  lowered prices)

This is it for now! Continue practicing your Spanish, and make sure you include the Spanish you know in your everyday conversations; thats how you learn.

Thanks for reading! And see you next time. ?