Word Wednesday!

Good day! I hope your week has been agradable y satisfactoria! And that you have managed to get everything done. The weeks half over now!

Can you guess what those words up there mean?

Agradable (ah-grah-dah-bleh) nice, pleasant, agreeable

Satisfactoria (sah-tees-fac-toh-ree-ah) Satisfactory

*Satisfactoria here is in the feminine form because the word for week in Spanish, semana, is a feminine noun. To make this word masculine, simply change the final a into an o (satisfactorio)

Agradable doesnt have a feminine or masculine form.

*The little word translates to the word and. 

This is it for now. I apologize for the lack of posting again. I hope you have continued to be constant with your Spanish studies (unlike my posting of content >,<) And that you continue to expand your knowledge of Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. ?

Thank you for reading, and see you here next time! (Hopefully tomorrow!)